Halloween decorations, costumes available now

We have a good collection of Halloween costumes, decorations, and spooky things.

For kids:

  • Alabama cheerleading dress (Toddler age 4) red and white, very nice condition
  • Dallas Cheerleader costume, older youth
  • Black dance outfit, full length legs, top is styled with silver bling. Mid-elementary/Jr high youth.
  • Childs Pumpkin costume (kid wears it, stuff it with newspaper… very cute)
And also
  • Decorations for home, office, school.
  • Scary movies about real ghosties in the Valley Park/Fenton area
  • Halloween scary action figures
  • Fall color decor of all types
  • DVD of classic movies perfect for a Halloween-themed movie night
Come check them out soon. We only have one of most anything in the store, so don’t delay.

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