Fall Colors at the VPFlea

Ok, our weather went from mild to chilly — I suppose we’ll get used to it (again). But the change also reminds us that Thanksgiving, and all the enjoyment of celebrating the season of color, is here, too.

Our vendors have provided a cornucopia of fall-themed items, with only a few shown in these photos. Come and by, visit a while, and check out the great finds. You’ll be thankful you did!

Tiny Love DVD MagIQ Electronic Activity for Your Baby

The Tiny Love DVD MagIQ is an interactive DVD and cuddle toy for babies.
We’re selling one new in the box, and it’s great for your toddler/crawler.

I don’t really know how to describe it, so check out what PC World had to say in their review. Four stars out of five!

Review by PC World

You can find this and so much more at the Valley Park Resale and Flea Market, 20 Meramec Station Road, Hwy 141 at Marshall 1/4 mile North of Hwy 44. Open Mon-Friday 10-7pm, Saturday 9-6pm, closed Sundays.

Halloween Movie Night: Horror, Comedy, Classic Suspense DVDs

DVDs that would be great for a Halloween-themed movie night:

* Scary Movie 3, comedy (Charlie Sheen, Eddie Griffin, Queen Latifa.)
* “Moron from Outer Space” –and– “Alien from LA” double feature (supermodel Kathy Ireland)

Horror and blood and guts:
*1408, horror and suspese (John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, written by Stephen King)
* Sweeney Todd, horror (Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Sacha Baron Cohen)
*Amityville Horror (haunting and horror)

Far-out themes:
*Hancock (Will Smith) unrated edition
Classic scary tales:
* Sherlock Holmes (10 films and 5 TV episodes) collectors edition (very nice!)
*Sherlock Holmes “The Women in Green”, suspense from 1945
*Sherlock Holmes “Faces Death”, suspence from 1943 (Chinese subtitles and packaging)
*Sherlock Homes “Dressed to Kill” , suspense from 1946
*Sherlock Holmes “Dressed to Kill” and “Terror by Night”, with remastered surround sound, 1946

You can find these six days a week at the Valley Park Resale and Flea Market, 
20 Meramec Station Road, Hwy 141 at Marshall Road. Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-6, Sunday closed.

Halloween decorations, costumes available now

We have a good collection of Halloween costumes, decorations, and spooky things.

For kids:

  • Alabama cheerleading dress (Toddler age 4) red and white, very nice condition
  • Dallas Cheerleader costume, older youth
  • Black dance outfit, full length legs, top is styled with silver bling. Mid-elementary/Jr high youth.
  • Childs Pumpkin costume (kid wears it, stuff it with newspaper… very cute)
And also
  • Decorations for home, office, school.
  • Scary movies about real ghosties in the Valley Park/Fenton area
  • Halloween scary action figures
  • Fall color decor of all types
  • DVD of classic movies perfect for a Halloween-themed movie night
Come check them out soon. We only have one of most anything in the store, so don’t delay.

Cardinals shirts, hats, memoribilia

Cardinals fans can celebrate with the VP Flea! In store right now:

  • Cards logoed shirt, dark blue herringbone pattern and dark blue collar, color embroidered logo, size adult small (or so)
  • Ball cap, McGuire home run champ
  • 2006 World champion cups, with very cool lenticular artwork
  • 16″ felt circular Cardinal logoed wall decoration (like a pennant, but circular.)
  • Cardinal player collectible pins
  • Vintage Cardinals Thermos with lid
  • and probably more!

Stop on by today and help the Cardinals stomp the Rangers!