Vendors / Sellers

We have some of the best vendors around! No kidding.

Our nearly 140 vendors are providing customers a tremendous variety at a fair price, and that’s helped our growth since 2010.

To our current vendors we extend a hearty ‘thank you.’

To our future vendors we extend our ‘welcome!’ and encourage to visit the store, see what makes us different than other markets, and give us an idea about what you would like to sell. We seek both experienced and just-beginning sellers, those who want large booths, and those who just need a shelf or two. By mixing it up we insure that our customers will find a great variety of always-changing merchandise.

In 2014 we added limited consignments for sellers who want to move an item here and there, but don’t want to commit to a space.

While appointments aren’t necessary, they can be helpful. Contact Diana to set a time that we’ll be able to meet, show you our store, and learn about you.

2 thoughts on “Vendors / Sellers

  1. I am wondering if you have any booths available to new vendors. I have never had a booth so would need details as to cost, length of contract, etc. I would need a small space if booths come if different sizes! Thanks!

    • We don’t presently have available booths but we do keep an active ‘interested’ list. What types of items do you want to sell? I recommend stopping by the store, and you can call in advance to make an appointment with Diana or Brett. We can answer any quetions at that time and see if the store is a good fit forwhat you are wanting to sell.

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