Vendor Information / Booth Rentals

The Valley Park Resale and Flea Market and the Marketplace Resale & Consignment are actively seeking vendors/consignors for our store.

We have the best location for you:

  • Easy access to hwy 44, in St. Louis West County. Directly on the recently expanded hwy 141, reaching from St. Charles to Arnold.
  • For buyers in the St. Louis area and for those who travel up from South and Central Missouri we are easy to reach.
  • Two stores are just 500′ apart, so we are a destination.

We have a variety of spaces:

  • Walls
  • Booths
  • Small rooms
  • Individual shelves and bookcases
  • Large room which can be subdivided to meet your needs.

We have the best pricing, with two ways to sell:

Booth Rentals

  • Aggressively low pricing to encourage vendors (our customers benefit, too!)
  • Low 12% commission on sales, which also covers credit card costs.
  • No long-term agreement. Initial payment for two months, then we deduct the next rent from your current sales.
  • Sell just about anything, at a price you set, with no minimum or maximum value.


  • Low 25% commission to ensure you get what you want, while the customer gets a great deal.
  • All items must be pre-approved and ready for sale.
  • Your items selling price will reduce 10% every three weeks, with steepest discount at 30% of our agreed selling price.
  • Quantity limits and minimum anticipate sales prices do apply to consignments.

Come visit us and learn what the buzz is all about. We can’t wait to meet you and show you why we may be right for your business. Call Diana or Brett 636 923-8696, or email info[at]

4 thoughts on “Vendor Information / Booth Rentals

  1. I would be interested in seeing your flea mkt and the booth spaces that you have. I am off work this tuesday,Sept 2 if you would be available to show me around. Thank You, Eric

    • Eric, I’m sorry for responding until now. Let us know what you would like to sell, and do stop in when you can. We have two locations in Valley Park, and either Diana or I can answer your questions. –Brett

    • Jane,
      We have booth rentals in many sizes, ranging from $15/month and up. Our most common booth rental is about $55/month. We really recommend you stop in to see our stores, let us know what you would like to sell, etc. We also do limited consignments which can be a great way to get started.

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